Trusov’S Figure Skater – A Real Fighter: Pulled Out A Medal, Handed Out Pressure And Now Shares Impressions

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July 19, 2022
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Russian figure skater sasha trowan, though he did not win this world cup, but became one of the main stars thanks to his cambak. The athlete has already admitted who needs to thank for winning the bronze medal. Exclusive sports news are looking for in our article.

Trusov's Figure Skater - A Real Fighter: Pulled Out a Medal, Handed Out Pressure and Now Shares Impressions

The figure skater alexander trussov summed up his spech at the world cup

At the world championship completed in stockholm, trusov’s figure took third place, giving way to anna shcherbakova and elizabeth tuktamysheva. After the drama alexandra during the show of short programs, the fact that she was still possible to take a medal and to go to the pedestal on his debut adult world championship, deserves resect and admiration. Bright cambaker sasha from the 12th place on the 3rd and five quadruple jumps in the arbitrary program will be remembered by the world not for one year.

The ward evgeny plushenko really showed his combat nature and proved that it is strong not only in four jumps, but also in spirit. Immediately after the short program, the 12th place sasha cowardov admitted: recently, it it too much nervous before starting, but as we were able to see later, her ability to fight until the latter is much stronger.

Arriving home from stockholm, sasha published in «instagram» sevel posts about the compleed world championship. First of all, the famous figure skater of russia thanked the organizers for the fact that the start still took place, albeit without fans. Alexandra mentioned that it was her first in an adult career of the world championship, and she did not manage to speak as follows. But the next time she exactly gathered in a psychological plan and will show everything that he knows.

It is commendable that coward was not looking for an excuse for his failure in a short program in physical preparation. Sasha directly wrote that the whole world cup was in excellent form, for which he was grateful to his coaches and choreographers evgeny plushenko, dmitry mikhailov, sergey alekseev and others. Also, the figure skater thanked colleagues from the academy, who supported it and wished success.

Trusov summed up his speech

Sasha dedicated to the post of family and fans who met her at the airport with many gifts and colors, despite the early hour of the attachment of the figure skater. The girl noted that the anthem of russia sounded at the airport and flags were flushed. And this was not enough for the world cup: due to the doping scandal at international starts, the russians speak without a national symbolism. Alexandra reminded that her fans – the best, thanking them for their support and a holiday, arranged on arrival home. Sasha also expressed gratitude to his family that survived her every minute of competition, although online – due to coronavirus restrictions.

Figureka alexander Troopsova

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