Trustid And Trunarrative Are Combined For Expert Document Verification

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March 16, 2022
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Trustid and Trunarrative Are Combined for Expert Document Verification

Regtech trunarrative global company announced a new partnership with trustid to integrate their expert testing service to the trunarrative platform.

Trunarrative provides financial crime detection, client connection and transaction monitoring for banks, financial services, e-commerce enterprises and gambling operators. With the help of a single api, the trunarrative platform tracks the facts of fraud, money laundering, manages identification and biometric check, multi-bureau ekyc, ekyb, politicians and sanctions.

Trustid expert assessment service combines physical analysis and machine processing to verify identity documents. Trustid documents analysis group quickly and accurately analyze documents and provide a detailed report with their authentication. Trustid team has a rich experience in checking identity documents, in real time, checking thousands of documents weekly, and annually finding thousands of fakes. Trunarrative clients will be able to embed a trustid expert assessment to securely and consistently check the identity, detect fake documentation and receive the information subsions for adopting informed decisions.

The analysis of trustid documents will be carried out on the trunarrative platform controlled by artificial intelligence, which gives companies the opportunity to transmit identity documents, human experts, providing an understanding of the authenticity of the applicant’s document and identity. Partnership also integrates trunarrative technology to trustid platform, providing trustid access to kyc, address checking, as well as pep checks and sanctions.

Andy pearson, head of the partnership division with trunarrative data, noted:

"Trustid is an important partnership. Their rich experience and knowledge will help our customers to improve the verification of documents, allowing internal teams to combat fraud to make informed solutions ".

Tony machin – ceo trustid, added:

 "We are pleased to cooperate with trunarrative and offer their customers access to our expert document verification service. In these difficult times, companies are extremely important to extrere reliable processes. Integrating our suggestions, they can be confident in the authenticity of identity documents.

Source: official site trunarrative

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