Tuchel Is Unhappy Again: Repeating History With “Borussia” Is Really Coming?

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March 31, 2022
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German coach thomas tuchiel again did not please with his ward. Psg footballers nominated specific claims to a specialist. Before leaving «mainza» and then from «borussia» dortmund has developed a similar situation. Remember the coach soon «paris saint-germain»?

Tukel is unhappy again: is it really to repeat the story with 'Borussia'?
Content: 1. Parallel with past tuchel2. Psg will not stand to ceremony

Parallel with past tuchel

About thomas tukhele everyone learned during his cooperation with «mainz». In this german middle agency, a specialist sport five years and managed to establish himself in bundesliga as a good strategist. Despite the fact that dissatisfaction with his methods from athletes did not go out in the media, there was already something known about his temper.

In a separate material, we we wrote about the details of the fsg offer on brazilian neymar, according to which the club is ready to let go of a football player.

In dortmund, a year of cooperation, football players, director of the khans-yoachim wattsk club and president reinhard rauball confessed to journalists that they warned about the specific nature of the coach. The dortmund temselves that the dortmund team managed to feel all the costs of the tuchiel technique. At that time, thomas had to work in «borussia» your contract, but the club soldered up with the coach before.

Psg will not stand to ceremony

In «paris saint-germain» german specialist spent one season. According to the classics of the genre a year later, complaints were received from the players of this club. But, unlike «mainza», now everything is more serious – the status of the paris club.

In our separate article we talked about some actions of the leadership «barcelona», which are directly talking about buying neimar.

First, players are unhappy with the concentration of attention to less important things. For example, a tukhel prefers to work out tactics in defense, rather than establish contact between attack and midfield lines, – this was told by the midfielder of the team marco vratty.

Claims enrolled and regarding the selection of football players in the starting lineup. Psg won w «nima» the first match of the league 1, in which, despite the result, from the first minutes julian draracler had a bad game. In the subsequent, already lost competition, the midfielder reappeared again in the starting lineup, which caused a lot of criticism towards tuchiel, both from the fans and on the part of the team players.

Défaite en terre bretonne.#srfcpsg pic.Twitter.Com / wvidzi3tgi

— paris saint-germain (@psg_inside)
august 18, 2019.

Le parisien edition reports that some team players whose names are not disclosed, said that at the time of the speech of neymar for psg thomas almost rightly said that in any incomprehensible situation gave pass to brazilian striker.

Really thomas tuchiel never will be able to find a common language with players and leaves the scandal as from his past clubs?

Previously, we wield about the financial frauds of sheykhov, who are guided by psg.

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