Tuktamysheva Boasted The Form, Medvedev Appreciated (Video)

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January 14, 2022
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The world champion, europe and russia elizabeth tuktamysheva returned to training after severe illness and demonstrated its form on the page in instagram.

Tuktamysheva boasted the form, Medvedev appreciated (video)

Elizabeth tuktamysheva conducts excellent season 2018/2019, especially if we take into account the last few years: the figure skater did not work after the won world championship. But this season, she has already received gold in finland and italy, won the grand prix stage in canada, ranked third in japan and in the grand prix finals. Prevented to extend the success of the disease, because of which elizabeth had to miss the russian championship.

But the russian woman has already recovered, held new year holidays with loved ones and friends, and now actively trains. One of the passages of his preparation, the figure skater posted on his page in instagram. On the video athlete makes a cascade of double accel + triple tulup + double tulup.

The post is accompanied by a signature:

«And in the meantime, i gradually return to the form. Finally returned to his favorite jump».

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Sanya ???? Meanwhile, i gradually return to the form of finally returned to my favorite jumps –

Publication from elizaveta tuktamysheva (@liza_tuktik) 13 jan 2019 at 12:17 pst

This message liked another figure skater – evgenia medvedeva.


Both athletes did not fall into the main team of the russian national team for the european championship, which starts in minsk january 21. The girls are declared as representatives of the reserve.

Medvedev, who at the beginning of last year, after the czech republic in saransk, replaced the coach and moved to canada, is still in russia. Recently, the girl visited sshor cska, whose student she was in childhood, when she made her first steps in sports. There she talked with young figure skaters and left autograph on the wall of the institution.

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