Tuktamysheva Jumped Four: The Reaction Of The Experts On The Jump

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April 21, 2022
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Last night the internet blew up news: elizabeth tuktamysheva performance toolup in training. Her coach asked to publish emotions, while other experts from the world of figure skating did not hold their emotions. We understand how tulupa lisa may affect figure skating.

Tuktamysheva Jumped Four: The Reaction of the Experts on the Jump

Tuktamyshev did not be in vain called adderkind figure skating

This season, it is safe to say in the women’s figure skating it is time for four jumps. Alexandra trouisov hits records and plans to fulfill all types of quads, destroying, it would seem any competition in fc. But the examples that this is not the destruction of rivalry, but a step towards the development of sports, we see by elizabeth tursnbayeva and elizabeth tuktamysheva.

And the execution of a four salhova elizabeth tursnbaeva seeemed quite logical: a miniature girl returned to tutberidze and could fulfill quad, then what tuktamysheva did – complety different. Lisa in december will be 23 years old. Based on the trends of the feeling was evolving that the ward mishina will soon finish ward mishina will soon finish with sports and give way to conditionally «young». The figure skater itself also said, assessing the term of his speeches 1-2 years.

But on the page in instagram of the famous manager, ari zakaryan, there was a video from the thely of the figure skater was performed by a fourth tulup. And questions appeared: that is, after 20 years you can learn a quadruple? So why then the did not jump beore?

The answer is simple – there was no need. And now, thanks to the catchy trends to coaches «crystal» the need arose. This notic tatyana tarasova, commenting on the news of the jump lisa. According to her, tuktamysheva has always been a stock, its amplitude jumps allowed to turn the required number of revolutions. It is also worth reminding that the ward mishin remained one of the few who submitted triple axel.

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Alexey Mishin Asked Not to Raise An Extra Noise Around This Event

However, the lisa coach himself alexey mishin asked not to raise an extra noise around this event. He confirmed that work on the jump moves and the program, but when his student will present a trick at competitions – while he can not say, and probably, does not want.

However, this does not prevent everyone to rejoice over lisa and express his admiration. So, irina slutskaya also published a video with a figure skater with joy for an athlete.

Lisa jump plays an important role in terms of psychology and for other athletes. If she was able to do it almost 23, then this means that competition in figure skating – be and age quant not a hindrance.

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