Tuktamysheva Shared A Video From Courchevel: Instead Of Rest – Testing Of Rotations

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August 1, 2022
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Silver medalist of the last world championship elizabeth tuktamysheva continues to prepare for the olympic season to which she has big plans. On his page in «instagram» she shared video from training.

Tuktamysheva Shared A Video From Courchevel: Instead of Rest - Testing Of Rotations

Photo source: ria novosti / alexander wilf

Elizabeth tuktamysheva is tuned seriously

At the time when singowans lisa tuktamysheva have already finished his career and enjoy coaching or family life, she continues to surprise with her perseverance and success. Last season proved that «empress» in excellent shape, both physical and psychological. If she adds in the upcoming season promised a previously fourth jump, he will be able to compete on an equal one for the place at the olympiad. Now oi for tuktamysheva – the biggest reason to continue to try and work on oneself. Fortunately, coach alexei mishin knows how to work with conditionally age figure skaters and figure skaters.

After a small holiday on the tropical islands of lisa, it is already preparing for the upcoming season. Previously, she published video of his classes on a special simulator for rotational. She was able to keep the speed of 4.7 turns per second. Now lisa published a video result of his workouts on ice.

Elizabeth Tuktamysheva

Source: instagram.Com / sasha__and_others

Attentive fans noted that the composition of the movie is payed against the background «moulin rouge», and suggested that it may even be a passage of the new program of the famous figure skater. Is it so – it it still unknown, but after a successful world championship, the athlete promised to start preparing new programs.

Now lisa is located in the famous ski resort of courchevel in france at the collectors of alexey mishina.


Source: instagram.Com / liza_tuktik

Last season elizabeth tuktamysheva won the silver of the world championship in stockholm, bypassing alexander trussov and giving away anna shcherbakova, and also took the gold command world cup in japan, where she was the captain of the tam. For the russians, the past tournament became the first for 6 years of his career, which indicates that lisa is now in great shape.

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