Turkey’S National Team In Rage From The Reception Of Iceland, Really It Was All Intentionally?

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March 4, 2022
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Selection stage for the european championship-2020 in full swing, however, the focus not only the results of football matches. On the eveland and turkey, which will be held today, june 11, it became known about the incident, which may be registered as psychological weapons.

Turkey National Team In Rage From The Reception of Iceland, Did It All Be Intentionally?
Content: 1. Rivalry grows up to scale «outside football»2. From whom icelanders take an example

Rivalry grows up to scale «outside football»

The captain of the turkish national team said that at the airport reykjavik and at the customs, his team was detained for three hours. Also from the videos taken by journalists during the guest meeting, it can be seen that someone slipped emre belosoglu brush for dishes instead of a microphone.

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???? Röportaj esnasında izlandalı bir şahıs emre belözoğlu’na tuvalet fırçası uzattı. Pic.Twitter.Com / gks0hoo4bq

— futbolarena (@futbolarena)
june 9, 2019.

It also became known about multiple and thorough inspections of things of football players of the guest team. In this regard, turkey reported to send a diplomatic protest to iceland.

Milli takımımızın izlanda havaalanında maruz kaldığı muamele diplomatik teamüller bakımından da insani bakımdan da kabul edilemez. Gereğini yapacağımızdan milletimizin şüphesi olmasın. ???????? @tff_org @millitakimlar

— mevlüt Çavuşoğlu (@mevlutcavusoglu)
june 10, 2019.

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It may be an intentional attempt to harm the preparation of the team leading in group. On the eve of turkey unexpectedly beat france for everyone, ensuring a place in the top of the group rank. Iceland could organize this incident in connection with the unprofitable position on the qualifying stage due to the turks.

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From whom icelanders take an example

It not necessary to go far and dig deep to find situations that may be regarded as intender provocation or dirty. For example, remember the yarn fans «ayjax», who arranged a loud goily at the windows of the hotel players «juventus». What you can not do for your favorite team for the semifinals of her exit to the semifinals of the champions league.

Ajax fans where the juventus players are sleeping last night wishing them a good night ???????? Pic.Twitter.Com / rsiy6pamty

— casual ultra (@thecasualultra)
april 10, 2019.

By the way, about the semifinal lch. Even there was a similar situation: hospitable fans «liverpool» decided to run fireworks right near the home «catalonians».

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But in these cases, incidents look at the initiative of the fans who wanted to prevent football players of the opponent’s team in front of an important match. The situation of turkey and iceland pulls on a diplomatic conflict: president of the country of guests – a crown fan of football, which is deeply offended by the delay of football players and refusioning to process the request to accelerate all procedures at the airport and at customs.

Cumhurbaşkanı recep tayyip erdoğan, tff başkanı nihat Özdemir ile a milli takımımın izlanda’nın keflavik havalimanı’nda maruz kaldığı olaylarla ile ilgili bir görüşme yaptı.

➡️ https: // t.Co / lofqm0l9da

— tff (@tff_org)
june 10, 2019.

The authorities of iceland explain the delay in the fact that turkey is not a me member of the european union for which such privileges exist for both countries and shengen. Then they stated that the turks later sent a request. Aftert that, the said something in the spirit «and in general, the procedure lasted one hour and 23 minutes». It sems that decided to justify themselves with all possible ways, if only probably worked.

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