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April 19, 2022
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After the numbers were complety and it turned out that they completely coincide, the jackpot was divided between the winners in the amount £12.6 million.

Two British Caught Identical Numbers in the Lottery

The winning numbers included such numbers: 17, 27, 22, 25, 32, 35, as well as a bonus number – 05. Thus, in the course of the must be won national lottery draw, each of the winners took £6 317 431 as the main prize.

Winnings confirmed the senior adviser to winners in the national lottery andy carter. Also to all players he recommended testing his tickets to find out if you shouldn’t be a big jackpot behind them.

Carter clarifies that everyone who buy a lotto ticket or any other game in the national lottery helps to collect money for good deeds. On average near £30 million every week are involved in support of both large and small projects throughout the united kingdom. This includes funding for social needs, including projects of the local community and projects to preserve the national heritage.

Less major victories £1 million, went to three players who have coincided with five of six numbers and a bonus ball. Also each of the 61 players received a prize £1750. They fell five numbers, but without a bonus number.

Recall, data on unclaimed winnings in russia.

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