Two Casinos Will Open In Primorsky Krai By 2020

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April 18, 2022
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On the territory of irskz «primorye» at the moment, construction works of two igne-entertainment facilities are underway – naga vladivostok i «fenugreek». Konstantin shestakov became an inspector of the project on the construction of hotels and casinos – vrio vice-governor.

Two casinos will open in Primorsky Krai by 2020

Konstantin shestakov processed the progress of work on the development of the infrastructure of the territory relating to the project. To attract a larger flow of tourists in the seaside region, next year, three hotels will be erected with a casino.

Also, igor trofimov, who occupies the position of executive director naga corporation, provided information regarding the work plan:

  • Slightly sectors will be laid at the numbers 4 and 6. This uses funds provided for the development of tourist zones;
  • Under the relevant weather conditions, work on the asphalting of the plots will begin;
  • Currently laying the water supply;
  • Investigated objects are joined by power supply;
  • Procurement procedures continue.

According to the deputy head of the region, the construction of a casino facility «fenugreek» the krasnodar investor is engaged, who according to the plan should graduate work in 2020, in the first quarter of which the official opening is already planned. At today’s stage of work, the investor conducts an internal finish. At the initial stages, the company will collect the staff in the number of 500 employees.

The Krasnodar investor is engaged in the construction of the object of the casino 'Shambala'

In the investor project casino «fenugreek» also included construction of a sports complex, hotels, halls for banquets and conferences, spa-services and trade zones. In this regard, the number of jobs will reach 1000.

Konstantin shestakov notes that the rapid pace of construction is observed on the territory of the future complex naga vladivostok. It will be a building with a height of 11 floors, in which the conference room will be launched and casino. The creation of this object is engaged in a large company, representative of the igor region industry industry. Naga vladivostok is planned for launch in 2020.

Konstantin shestakov also expects objects located in the resort «primorye», bind sign places in the whole far east of the country. Significant tax deductions will be sent to the budget of the the flow of guests will increase significantly, the local residents will be provided with workplaces system will improve. For family holidays, appropriate non-game entertainment facilities will be created separately.

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