Two More Us States Consider The Legalization Of Sports Betting

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January 6, 2022
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In the us, from may last year, eight states have legalized sports betting and are some more preparing for the beginning of the newe year. To the growing list of jurisdictions, considering the possibility of legalizing the betting, missouri and ohio.

Two More US States Consider The Legalization of Sports Betting

Missouri has already developed a senate bill 44 (s.B. 44). It provides for the legalization of betting based on floating casinos, as well as through online platforms. The draft law establishes a tax of 12% on the adjusted gross of bookmakers. In addition, an administrative fee of 2% will be made on the gross income, as well as the collection for integrity in the amount of 0.Five%.

Indition, operators will will to pay $ 10,000 for each standard and interactive license. An additional cost of $ 5,000 is provided as a collection of commission on gambling missouri. The extension of the license will also cost bookmakers $ 10,000.

Ohio is looking for partners to create a platform of online betting, common to sevel states. Bill kolya, senator from ohio, stands for a partnership with sevel states, which will allow the sperts leagues to charge a quarter of a quarter to honesty and transparency of sports competitions.

Last week at a meeting of the legislative committee in kansas, said: «if we do everything right, sports leagues will be winners».

Representatives of sports leagues believe that they should receive a part of the profit of bookmakers to ensure the inexpensiveness of sports. However, this argument does not withstand criticism, because the league is responsible for maintaining honesty in sports competitions.

Bookmakers oppose this idea, because the deductions cut their income. Some of them even claim that due to deductions to the incompetence of games may be in a minus.

Honesty fees are not needed – sports league has resources to manage its branches. To date, the idea of ​​such fees was not popular in either one of the states, which legalized gambling, and none incorporated them into legislation.

Recall that after removing the ban paspa, the bookmakers were activated and aimed at expanding on the territory of america.

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