Two-Time World Champion In Figure Skating Gave Repulsory “Inadquate”

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January 31, 2023
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The winner of the two olympic games, the two-time world champion in figure skating irina slutskaya respondd to the negative in his direction, after he called the defeat by the grown deserved.

Two-Time World Champion in Figure Skating Gave Repulsory'inadequate'

Famous in the past athlete irina slutskaya, on whose account a huge number of international trophies (world and european championships, grand prix, «silver» and «bronze» olympiad), felt a negative reaction of alina zagito fans. After the final of the grand prix in canada, the ex-athlete expressed the idea that while everyone was chained to the confrontation of the medvedeva and zagito, a new force appeared in the world – rick kihira. According to her, it is the japanese figure skater now the best in solitary riding.

After that, a different kind of charges sprinkled against slutskaya, including the fact that she does not understand anything in figure skating. The famous athlete reacted to criticism on his page in instagram, repeating his idea that the japanese was stronger in the final. Irina also advised the fans, which in each statement about their favorite see the negative – appeal to a psychologist or not reading her opinion if they don’t like it.

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Well, dorvae, pseudo-fans, ready to catch a haip in truth?! Yes, rick kihira was stronger in the final! And she is a worthy opponent for leaders! The struggle has always been, there will be, and will be in any sport. And who does not know how to read and in every word sees negative, so consult a psychologist, it will definitely help! Ahead, we are waiting for a lot of interesting things, and inadequate, failing where far away. I will comment on what i see. I do not like? Do not read then. «Mr» sitting ass on the sofa.

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Slutskaya speech at the 2006 olympics

The final of the grand prix in vancouver ended with the victory of the 16-year-old japanese ricky kihira, the second place was taken by alina zagitova, and «bronze» took elizabeth tuktamyshev. Silver medalist of the olympiad in south korea evgeny medvedev unexpectedly could not break into the six participants of the final, for which he was injured on the internet.

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