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January 27, 2023
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Despite the fact that today in ukraine, as in many other countries, there is no system for regulating crypto industry and blockchain, the state is actively working on creating two digital assets at once.

TWO UKRAINIAN Cryptocurrency: Analysis and Views of Experts
Content: 1. E-hryvnia2. Cryptogrivna

In 2016, a research project was launched by the national bank of the country, studying the prospects for creating electronic hryvnia. In turn, kuna cryptocyrja since the summer of last year is actively engaged in the development of stelkin, called cryptogryrvna.


According to the the report of the nbu, e-hryvnia will help to signicantly optimize the process of transferring money, minimize the associated costs and implement instantaneous operations. This year, the nbu clarified that the new cryptocurrency will be used as a regular payment token. In this case, the blockchain will protect it from fraudulent attacks.

Currently, the national bank of ukraine completes the pilot testing of the new cryptocurrency. This monh it must be completed.


The idea of ​​cryptogryna belongs to the founder of the ukrainian cryptocurrency exchange kuna mikhail chobanyan. Objective of the project – create understandable for each electronic currency. According to the founders, it shold be the fist ukrainian stelkino. This will significantly reduce the risk of its volatility. Token will work on the ethereum platform.

Despite the fact that the law on regulation of cryptocurrency in ukraine is currently absent, cryptogryrvna will be able to function immediately after the release.

Recall: as for the legislation in russia, the adoption of the document is postponed again. Moreover, the bill «about digital financial assets» may be returned again to the first reading stage.

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