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April 25, 2022
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Briton tyson fury is actively preparing to meet with deontey wilder in february 2020. In addition to working in the hall, the boxer began traditional for himself «mind games» with rival. Read more in material.

Tyson Fury began 'Mind Games' against Wilder

Boxer fury knows how to leak into his head to his rivals

Fury – one of the most controversial boxers of modernity. At one time, he reached a vertex in heavyweight, odolev vladimir klitschko, and after fell into the lowest due to depression, drilling alcohol and drugs. Read more about unusual fate «gypsy king» we wrote in a sparate material.

But coping with detrimental habits, he returned to olympus again, held an excellent fight with wilder and declared himself as one of the best boxers in the division. Tyson style – this is not only his ability to work in the ring, but also his skill outside. Treshtoking, candid clown, video on social networks – all this at first glance may seem unnecessary mishur, but in fact it works fine on the british.

In such an unusual way, he pierces his opponent, causes unnecessary aggression in it or, on the contrary, excessive confidence in his abilities. Then in the ring fury grips this imbalance and draws to the benefit. So it was in a meeting with klitschko, when gipsy king looked like a jester in batman’s costume, so it was with wilder in the first meeting.

And although deonttes in an interview stated that «fury will not get into my head like it came out with klitschko», tyson did it. And as the result could put the first defeat in his career. In february 2020, they expect revenge. And briton as an hour later began to embody his tactics in reality.

Fury will not get into my head

While he does it carefully and, as always, comical: argues in an interview, which will show him the real class, «take him to school», and writes a rather strange video in his instagram. This approach resembles the tony ferguson method in mma. We we wrote more about this in a separate article.

A week ago fury laid out a video where he boxes with a shadow in his house, passing the american and promising that he would soon come after him. And today he laid out another video facing his opponent.

And this is just the beginning. When it comes to the time of press conferences and duels of views, the most interesting thing will begin in this game. And already on february 22, it will be clear whether briton was able to climb this time to mind «bronze bomber».

Earlier, we wrote about the fact that andy ruizu was prevented to defeat joshua revenge.

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