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April 26, 2022
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British boxer heavyweight tyson fury recorded a video message to his opponent, an invincible champion according to wbc deontei wilder. In it, he criticized his career and express the opponent. Read more in material.


Fury gave the opponents of wilder

Tyson fury remains faithful to himself. Choosing a strategy «mind games» and attempts to climb wilder, the briton in the public space systemally lies his merit and promises to get a lightweight victory. A few hours ago, he recorded a video message to deontei and laid it on his page in instagram.

In him, he again calls american «breed» and lies his ex-rivals. According to tyson, dominic brizil is far from the best boxer in the world, and louis ortiz is already very old. Fury thus responded to wilder’s statement about the change of coach. We wrote more about this in a separate material.

«Gypsy king» believes that the only strong rival in his career «bronze bomber» – this is fury himself. Moreover, according to tyson, it was he who won in their first meeting, coming against the americans after three years of idle. Gipsy king is confident that then he showed only 50% of his capabilities. In revenge, the briton is confident that «breaks wilder». Moreover, in his attempts to climb the opponent fury says that he himself «bomber» knows about his future defeat, like his coach and even family.

Gipsy King

This is not the first video in which «king» refers directly to wilder, promising him to defeat it. We wrote about another such appeal in a special article. Tyson is known for its psychological techniques for destabilization of rivals. And although all these attacks in social networks may seem to the mishur, to which you can easily not pay attention, fury rivals confessed that it took them out of themselves.

Recall that revenge between boxers is scheduled for february 22. Moreover, the promoter of the british boxer frank warren told that the parties agreed immediately and on the third match, which is planned to be organized in the summer of 2020. Shortly after that, tyson plans – go to ufc.

Earlier we wrote about why saul alvarez again became the best in the world.

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