Tyson Fury: Wrestling – New Amplua Disadvantaged Boxer

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April 13, 2022
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In 2019, fury decided to try something new and opted for wwe. Welling is considered one of the most spectacular sports, because for the most part based on the elements of the show. British boxer has already taken the first step to admission in this area.

Tyson Fury: Wrestling - New Amplua Disadvantaged Boxer

Tyson fury – stroken: «gypsy king» soon give a new show

Tyson fury today – fighter that acts immediately in two amplua: boxing and wrestling. Interestingly, it is estimated in february. His fight against deontei wilder, who, like briton himself, is inconging to. It will be their second meeting. Recall that the first ended the draw.

In a separate article we talked about the wilder forecast for revenge ruiza and joshua.

But before this event, tyson will have a fight with strozen – the wrestler with whom fury came to the duel of views as part of the wwe event in america. The incasionable fighter was previously invited to such events, because the add popularity and organizations, and an athlete.

«Gypsy king» stated that play wwe – his dream, so he initiated a debut in this category. October 31, 2019 the long-awaited match of the athlete will be held.

We know tyson fury is never backing down from a scrap ????

Next up, ‘the monster among men’ braun strovman ????#crownjewel pic.Twitter.Com / tlmuvqgzxh

— bt sport (@btsport)
october 11, 2019

Indition, there of the 31-year-old boxer. The role of tyson fury in this battle is estimated at $ 15 million, which is five million less the amount of floyd maeveter fee for a similar debut.

In a special material, we told about the wilder of luis ortis.

Recall that the maweather fight against big shaw has become the first in the rules of the fight according to the rules of wishlings, in wress met.

Stolving strozen and fury looked talked, but spectacular, sense in the gipsy king show knows. It is possible that there will be more noise around this event thaan from the battle with wilder. In his interview, tyson admitted that he wants to conquer america. And do it throogh wrestling – great idea. After all, in the usa, this sport is of great popularity.

Previously, we published a forecast for the fight of the carnation and betherbiyev.

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