Uefa Requires A Partner To Investigate Contractual Matches

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April 14, 2022
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The uefa’s guideline football authority announced a new tender that will define a person or structure designed to support him in the fight against contractual matches.

UEFA Requires a Partner To Investigate Contractual Matches

The tender is aimed at selecting an organization for a feasibility study aimed at search for methods to enhance opportunities to investigate cases of contractual matches in court.

Such a statement was made by uefa representatives after the meeting of the executive committee last month. The main objective – establishing closer contacts with government agencies, prosecutors, national police and governments. The winner of the tender will work winner of the framework of ordinary structures, such as the council of europe convention, and together with other organizations, including europol. The winner of the competition will be able to cooperate with sports organizations and governments for all 55 countries where there are national uefa associations.

Uefa president alexander ceferin said that for more productive struggle with the contractual matches, cooperation with governments. He also noted that each individual event shold be carefully considered. The main problem of uefa president sees that the jurisdiction of the sports organization is limited to only football, because uefa has no right to listen to phones. And since many computer servers are in many kilometers from europe, this is the problem that the organization will not be able to solve independently.

Alexander chefherin also noted that the study would show how at this stage can be collected together of different participants. Therefore, all work is not designed for insulation, but to a partnership for solving a problem that is a threat to the integrity of sports.

Organizations wishing to join the tender must declare their interest until october 28. Candidates who switched to the next stage will be informed by 30 october and will have to provide their prepared offer until november 27.

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