Ufc Stars Will No Longer Comply: The Battlefoot Is Vs Jones Will Not

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March 29, 2022
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The third battle between ufc stars, daniel camier and john jones, – dream of any fan mma. But these dreams are not destined to come true. At least, such an impression has happened after the release of the latest posts in twitter. More details – in material.

UFC stars will no longer comply: the battlefoot is VS Jones will not
Content: 1. Cord – jones for the third time: why?2. Why fight feeder – jones will not take place

Cord – jones for the third time: why?

Fight between the first and second rating of ufc pound-for-pound – this is a real event in the world of mixed martial arts. And this is despite the fact that the fodder with jones have twice spent doubles with each other, in both cases the victory was celebrated by john. So why then need a third meeting between athletes, if everything was clear after the first two?


First, the second victory of jones was canceled due to a positive doping sample. Secondly, at least a third, even though the tenth time between the rating leaders «outside weight categories» – it is always interesting and spectacular, as this is a clarification of relationships among the best. Thirdly, if the fans talk about the next revenge, then first of all calm the idea that the bones will rise to a heavy weight to the feed, and not dc will drive the weight again. But this is the whole stumbling block.

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Why fight feeder – jones will not take place

John jones, undoubtedly, one of the brightest fighters of the whole organization. He – an invincible champion who spent all his career in a light heavyweight. Once again: the whole career. He is comfortable in his division, he easily keeps himself in the right weight and does not want to change anything. It was confirmed in his recent tweets when he was asked about a possible revenge.

I’ve been the light heavyweight champion for almost my entire mma career, never have i moved up to challenge a heavyweight champion. I’m simply not interested in it right now, never seriously have been.

— jon bones jones (@jonnybones)
august 12, 2019.

In turn, the fodder, who since 2009 beats in the hood, drove the weight and spent the fights in the sexual. But sgonka – it is always a complex and exhausting process. And since it often drives it clearly under weighing, then the fighter can go into octave far from better condition. According to a number of experts, this was the cause of dc defeat in two battles against «bons». Therefore, daniel and wants the jones for justice to come out of his comfort zone and foul with him in the kingdom of heavy weight.

Of course he wants to fight me, he’s fought 3 times this year and i’m gonna make more this weekend than he will even if he fights again this year lmao. O, how times have changed!

— daniel cormier (@dc_mma)
august 13, 2019.

That’s just this will not happen: the bones stand on their own and waiting for the feed in his weight, not wanting to gain weight and accusing in parallel with this his opponent in the addiction to food:

«We all know that if daniel didnt like food, he woud easily become sexual, you can even argue that it wouldle weight».

I wonder if i beat him at heavyweight would his dimples show like this https: // t.Co / 6ugg6dp859

— jon bones jones (@jonnybones)
august 13, 2019.

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That’s just daniel is alady 40. He also does not want to stretch his body with diet and drying to be again in a disadvantage. Now he spent two title protection in the division and is preparing for the thrd against michich on august 17. Perhaps this fight will even become the last in the career of the great athlete. Taking into account all these factors, the third duel between the best will not be.

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