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September 13, 2022
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The government of great britain supported the new package of more stringent measures for gambling player protection. Basically, its action applies to work online slots. Updated measures must be fully implemented by operators by october 31. The protection and control package includes a complete ban on features accelerating the game or marking losses as winnings.

Other changes designed to make games less detrimental and give users more control over their gambling entertainment, contain a ban on automatic rotation and reverse output of funds. The second measure will not allow users to re-play the money they have previously requested to bring to the bank card.

The head of the nile macartur commission said: "to make online games safer, we will put a ban on the functions that speed ​​up the game or give the illusion of control over the result. We also introduce a ban on automatic rotation, loss, disguised as winnings. From now on, the speed ​​of rotation of the slots cannot be faster 2.5 seconds. Facts show that these features increase the risk of causing harm to customers. This is another important step in order to make gambling safer ».

Head of the nile macarur commission

Previous measures taken by the sectooral regulator include the prohibition of gambling entertinment using credit cards and new rules aimed at eradicating the irresponsible practice of "vip clients".

According to the commission, the slot machines today have the highest requirements for gambling among all directions of online gambling. Thus, the average costs of one player in this area are 67 pounds of sterling per monh, compared with 36 pounds that fall on ground casinos. At the same time on sports rates, which are very popular on the territory of the uk, a month average pounds.

Recall, apple is accused of receiving profits from illegal gambling.

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