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January 24, 2022
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British gambling commission initiated a review of license provisioning in accordance with article 116 of the law on gambling in capen ltd (operating license no. 000-036257-r-317724-010).

The commission’s foundation activities the fact that the company’s activities coold be implemented contrary to the law on gambling, not in accordance with the license terms and that the requirements of licensed activities.

In accordance with section 118 (2) of the 2005 gambling act ("law"), the commission decided to suspend the aforementioned operating license. Suspension of capen ltd activities entered into force from the date of publication.

Capen, which manages little lottery, sports lotto and zaffo, as well as lottery for kids, has received an operating license in 2014 and a software license in 2017. The company is founded by simon ridings, which is its general director, and specializes in risks with smaller prizes. According to marketing reports the little lottery, 23% of the funds from this brand go to charge.

Source: gambling commission official website

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