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March 22, 2022
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According to the current legislation of the united kingdom, lutboxes cannot be classified as gambling. The decision was betrayed by the head of the nile macarthur games commission.


The solutions of the gambling regulator is based on the fact that the classification of any type of activity as a gambling is possible exclusive: winnings has material value. In other words, we are talking about the fact that the prize should be either money in itself, or to assume the opportunity to exchange it on the cash equivalent.

At the same time, all items that are in lutboxes are not officially converted to real currency.

The need to identify lutbox was caused by numerous appeals of parents concerned about identification «miracle jackets» with gambling. British gambling commission conducted an inspection for this identity. For their part, watchful parents say that children spend hundreds of thousands of pounds to buy in-game products. Ignorance of what exactly buy, as well as disappointment due to the lack of expected, lead to the fact that children continue to invest in the game. That is why among many british families were the view that lutboxes are a type of gambling.

In 2017, lutboxes in world famous games were prohibited in the netherlands and belgium – fifa 18, overwatch, star wars, cs: go and battlefront ii. Companies have obliged to remove the functionality related to «miracle boxes», in games sold to users from belgium and the netherlands.

Countries were pretty severely to lutboxam: a fine of $ 800 thousand could pay a fine of $ 800 thousand., and their employees – spend up to five years in places of imprisonment.

Last year, checking lutboks for compliance with gambling held in 12 european countries and washington state.

Recall that, according to the representatives of electronic arts, lutboxes have nothing to do with gambling.

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