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January 31, 2023
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British gambling commission (ukgc) reported that it develops a new national strategy aimed at reducing harm from gambling.

UKGC Discusses a new regulatory strategy

Ukgc announced that the current national strategy of responsible gambling ends in march 2019. Currently, ukgc is developing a new plan to reduce harm from gambling.

«We have committed to develop to support and encourage progress in our field of activity. However, we are just one of the bodies that play a certain role, and we will work together with the government, public health representatives to achieve sector and gambling operators to achieve real progress in the issue of minimizing harm from gambling», – posted by ukgc representatives on their website.

The commission stated her goal – make so that as many people and organizations can be involved in the formation of strategy and mechanisms necessary fori its implementation.

In addition, the report states that the ukgc holds official consults in accordance with section 24 of the gambling law of 2005 on the proposed amendments to the season of lccp to promote research, prevention and treatment, as well as related to these measures necessary to implement the strategy. It is proposed to amend lccp. It will indicate that licensee contiritions addresed to one or more organizations approved by the commission. This is done in order for gambling companies to guarantee that they comply with the requierments.

Earlier, ukgc launched a new service service – service personal functional licenses.

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