Ukgs Received The First Answer To Their Requests For The Dangers Of Gambling

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January 31, 2022
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Selet group, organization according to responsible gaming, published its official response to ukgs requests for a new national strategy. The regulator called on all interested parties to participate in the discussion of key topics.

UKGS Received The First Answer to their Requests for the Dangers of Gambling

In this public in april of this year, will be outlined as the regulatory body intends to intensify efforts to protect consumers and create a safer game environment for players from 2019 to 2022.

Senet group highly appreciated the decision to reduce the number of priority areas from 12 to just five, stating that it will ensure much clarity and will focus on the overall in the industry.

However. Its representatives noted that without clearly formulated goals it becomes difficult to assess the progress or focus inter-sectoral cooperation and the corresponding actions.

Selet group also identified the main objectives of the strategy, stating harm from the definition and reducing harm from gambling will be potentially long-term, which in turn may affect resources, relass, health and wider segments of the population.

The organization also noted that the collective participation of industry representatives in the development of the strategy will be of great importance for its successful implementation. The union supports the appeals of the regulatory body to the expansion of intersector coperation. The group reports that the understanding of customers obtained by this approach will be crucial to ensure that the harm reduction strategies have operational and behavioral context.

For this reason, the organization recommended renamed strategic support «gambling business» in «cooperation», to help defend this idea of ​​intersectoral collaboration.

«In recent years, some aspects of the gambling industry have contributed to the creation of an atmosphere of distrust and disappointment, and the achievement of ukgs’s goals within the framework of the last three-year strategy has not been sufficiently coordinated between operators. However, companies are currently making unprecedented efforts to reduce harm, and it im very important tat understanding and interacting with clients to which they strive to bring positive results», – commented on selet group chairman jillian wilmot.

Recall: ukgc proposed to introduce a ban on gembling using credit cards. According to experts, gambling for the money that the client is actually no, inevitably lead to the development of ludomania.

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