Ukraine Supports The Legalization Of The Internet Casino

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January 30, 2023
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Ukrainian lawyer alexey bebel spoke in favor of legalization of online casino. According to his calculations, the country could earn about 2 billion hryvnia per year, subject to reference of online gambling.

Ukraine supports the legalization of the Internet casino

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The introduction of a fairly dubious, according to bebel, a ban on a casino in ukraine not only did not help in achieving the goal – refusal from ruinous for unprotected groups of the population of gambling halls, but also drove the gambling business of the country in the shadow.

«In belarus, the casino is not prohibited, opposite – the authorities are doing everything possible to create conditions for regulated business, including supporting the development of the online market segment. Ukraine needs to adopt the experience of neighbors and think primarily about filling the budget and creating jobs to whom the legalization of gambling business may contribute», – posted by bebel.

He also added that, undoubtedly, after the legalization of gambling business, part of officials can lose the shadow income.

Ukrainian lawyer as an example led specific numbers:

«In the case of legalization in ukraine, a hundred may appear, and possibly two online gambling operators. With a tax rate in the amount of 5% of the profits and the average income of one operator in the amount €1 million each operator will contribute to the treasury €50 thousand. Per month i €60 million per year, which will make more than 1.9 billion hryvnia».

Bebel believes that the legalization of internet casino will help employ programmers and representatives of the it-sphere, which, in turn, will also replenish the treasury through the payment of taxes of individuals.

We will remind, it was reported that the gambling industry in the case of legalization could bring ukraine about $ 2 billion over the past five years. The pressident came to this conclusion and founder of the dch group alexander yaroslavsky.

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