Unbeatable Emelianenko Requires Evidence: Alexander Was Caused To Fight In Mma

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April 22, 2022
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Did not have time to cool the passion for calling alexander emelyanenko to fight from boxer rakhim chakhkiev, as the fighter got a new. This time, the initiator of the meeting is evgeny goncharov. What caused and what are the chances of a fight – in material.

Unbeatable Emelianenko requires evidence: Alexander was caused to fight in MMA

Goncharov is ready to fight without a fee

In his recent material, we wrote that after the fight with mikhail koklyaev to alexander emelyanenko rustled increased attention. And the point is not at all in the sports greatness of the victory, but in the resonance, which caused this meeting. Full stadium «vtb arena» that good confirmation, as, however, and the rating of the broadcast of the event itself.

From here and a renewed interest in emelianenko almost faded from the point of view from the point of view. It is worth noting that alexander himself took part in this, stating his readiness to fight with any opponent. The first responded by professional boxer rakhim chakhkiev, offering to meet him in boxing. We we wrote more about this in a separate article.

Greatly realizing his skills in boxing, alexander took a challenge, but with one persuasion – the fight will be held according to the rules of mma. That’s all, in fact, and ended. But now a new challenge flew in the direction of alexander. This time from yevgeny goncharov, a 33-year-old mma fighter, speaking in heavyweight and having in its asset wfca and wfca titles. Fighter called on emelianenko-younger to fight him, stating that it is ready to do it even for free and for any rules.

Goncharov also mentions video with sparring emelianenko on boxing, which hit the network as proof that alexander’s statements about invincibility – false. On them, the fighter falls in the knockdown in confrontation with the smaller on the dimensions of arbi madaev. According to goncharov, this happened in the summer of 2017 in the hall «ahmat», in which emelianenko was engaged when he spoke in wfca.

Goncharov had already called emelianenko to fight in 2018, but in response received from alexander only an offensive commentary, the leveling merits of evgeny, who he expressed in an interview with sport24.

Answer to call from emelianenko has not yet followed.

Alexander schemenko told what kind of battle truly lost alexander emelianenko. Read more in our article.

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