United Kingdom Considers The Ban On The Use Of Credit Cards In Gambling Games

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April 20, 2022
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The liberal democratic party of great britain lobbies the question of prohibiting the use of credit cards in gambling. In case the party get the most votes on the upcoming 12th election, it will come into force.

United Kingdom considers the ban on the use of credit cards in gambling games

Leila moran, a representative of liberal democrats on digital technologies, culture, media and sports, said that the problem of gambling was the selection of epidemic for the uk. According to her, gembling can have a detrimental effect on the population. She also added that today’s government, headed by a conservative party, is not in a hurry to solve this issue. Date of introducing a limit on rates on fixed rates (fobt) terminals (fobt) was transferred, and the decision to take restrictions entered into force at the beginning of this year. Moran noted that due to the fact that the members of the government neglected the existing problems, it was important to sweep the conservative batch in making an initiative to reduce the maximum bet on fobt.

The party of liberal democrats declared its intention to limit advertising of gambling and calls for the introduction of a compulsory tax on the gambling-company in order to increase research funding aimed at combating the consequences of gambling.

To date, many british gambling operators make voluntary contributions to the gamble aware charitable organization fund. In 2018 and 2019. She collected £9.6 million and did not reach the previously approved indicator in £10 million. In response to this representatives «big five», the number of which includes gvc holdings, bet365, flutter entertainment, william hill, sky betting & gaming, declared an increase in their contributions from 0.1 to 1% of gross income from games no more than five years.

The Party of Liberal Democrats announced its intention to limit advertising of gambling

Early in november of this year, the all-particial parliamentary parliamentary group of harm, who delivers gambling, called for a series to introduce gambling restrictions online in the uk, including a ban on the use of credit cards and the appointment of ombudsman for games. In the liberal democrats party, it is said that the prohibition will be introduced only to the use of credit cards, and nothing is said about gambling online games.

According to the recommendations of appg, proposals were made to limit the rates in £2 on slot machines online. This provoked a negative reaction from the gambling industry. Kenny alexander, executive director gvc, called this proposal funny. The liberal democratic party received support from voters in the range from 11 to 17% of the vote.

In october, liberal democrats called for the revision of the existing approach of the gambling game, as well as to the slogan «when the fun stops, stop», which, according to the party, is considered ineffective.

Recall net gaming europe ab announced the fallity of european regulation.

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