Unwilling Winnings In The Lottery: Russians Do Not Take Small Prizes

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April 14, 2022
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Most often, infopole is a shot of news about the winners of various lotteries, however, there is also a reverse side. According to the data collected in the current year, in russia, the total amount of unclaimed winnings in the lotto was 2.8 billion rubles.

Unwilling Winnings in The Lottery: Russians Do Not Take Small Prizes
Content: 1. What you need to consider in order to pick up winnings2. Geography of victories and losses

Such information provided the publication «news». The specified amount mainly includes prizes less than 150 rubles, 8% compiled a prizes of up to 1000 rubles, another 1% belongs to a group of winners, the award of which reaches more than 1000 rubles. Get money won in lotto, you can only personally in the central office. It can be assumed that the winners from remote areas there is no point in to go for the winning less this a thouusand rubles in this case.

Prizes go to category «unclaimed» after six monhs. Indicators for so and not polar winnings some experts explain too high expections among participants about the potentiipants about the potential amount. This category also include people who do not follow the news of the lottery and played it only once. The option is not excluded when the winner fears that his name is healing for the whole country.

What you need to take into account in order to pick up the win

Also the cause of erroneus loss of winnings can be:

  • Loss of directly lottery ticket;
  • The lack of a written statement under the fact that the winnings were not requested within 180 days from the date of the official announcement of the winner. Also, the reason for which the participant did not appear on the presentation of the prize, the lottery organizer should recognize respectful;
  • In the course of buy terminal, an invalid number of a mobile phone was specified to which the winning notification shld come;
  • You can not restore the ticket if at the time of its purchase in the appropriate point of sale did not indicate a mobile phone number.

Geography of victories and losses

Geography of Victories and Losses

Regarding geography in victories, according to «russian lotto», in the past few years, st. Petersburg leads, then the krasnodar territory goes, where, on average, each area accounts for two winners of prizes from 1 million rubles. The third place occupies the chelyabinsk region. These data relate only to the winnings recorded, so it can be assumed that the highest rating on unclaimed victories is also notic.

Regions in which a small percentage of victories is celebrated, is the republic of altai, magadan region and karachay-cherbessia.

It is also possible that the cause of the abandonment of the cause of the conditions of the companies-organizersers. If you touch the overseas lotto industry, experience shows that the winning participants are offered to pick up the gain in the form of pick up the gain for several years, or offer to get moneer right away, but minus a significant amount of tax. It is also possible that the organizer may require a part of the money in the form of a commission.

According to the results last year, a significant proportion of unclaimed winnings gathered in bingo-lotteries. Leaders under the money left by the winners are «russian lotto», «housing lottery», gosloto «6 of 45».

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