Updated Blockchain-Lottery True Flip, The B2b Version Will Be Launched In 2019

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March 1, 2022
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Significantly updated game is now available on the trueflip platform.Io, where also part of the loyalty system. By the end of the year, true flip will present an affiliate version of cryptolotheree with cross-platform jackpot.

Updated Blockchain-Lottery True Flip, The B2B Version Will Be Launched in 2019

The following version of flip’s star is based on progressive jackpot. The game has retained a unique honesty check mechanism available to all users.

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Flip’s star received a convenient interface with the calculation of a wide coverage of users and soved simple rules: the player needs to choose sevel numbers in the ticket and hope for their loss during the next circulation.

In the process of drawing, the true flip algorithm extracts a winning sequence from the next block in the bitcoin chain, which makes the final combinations absolutely unpredictable for any side of the process. Concept allows in one click to check the accuracy of the results on the site.

In addition, flip’s star participates in the loyalty program on the playground trueflip.Io – tickets can be obtained by accumulating bonus glasses in other platform games.

«Flip’s star started at one time provided our first commercial success. We sport 590 daily jokes, during which luck smiled at many – our users won more thanks thousand dollars. After several monhs of refactoring, receiving a new engine and expanding the functionality, the game is again available to users», – commented on konstantin katsev, marketing director true flip.

Also true flip sent the second blockchain-lottery to update, rapid to the moon, where similar changes will be made. The game that loved many will become available for b2b- and b2c clients before the end of the year.

O true flip

Independent igaming provider true flip offers partners a growing portfolio of own development games. True flip games distinguishes high-quality graphics and authentic settings, along with a variety of fully unique mechanics. Games are comfortable on any modern devices and adapted to quickly integration by partners.

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