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June 14, 2022
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Following the first circle of the us open championship, russian tennis players daniel medvedev, andrei rublev and karen khachanov won their starting matches. If the first and second rockets of russia have defeated rivals in threelet confrontations, then karen khachanov had to hold a five-hundred-to-five duel, wager from 0: 2.


Tennis us open spectacular and without representatives of the top rating

Famous «russian troika» in tennis – daniel medvedev, karen khachanov and andrei rublev – successfully passed the first round of the us open championship. Us open 2020 is different from the big helme series familiar to the fans and athletes: matches are held without fans, and a noticeable part of tennis players of the first twenty rating in general refused to participate.

In our separate article, we told in more detail about the peculiarities of the current us tennis championship, and also rated the chances of winning the first racket of russia daniel medvedev in this tournament.

It shold be noted that medvedev became the thrd sodn in the draw of the this year due to to the lack of rafa and roger federer at the tournament. In her match of the first round, the russian met with federico delball. Medvedev managed to defeat in all three sets with a total score (6: 1, 6: 2: 4: 4), at the chame time earn 86% of points on the first feed, 82% – on the second, as well as implement 4 eys.

Dalbonis - Medvedev

In the post-match comments, russian tennis player stated that he was most pleased with the fact of victory in all three sets. In addition, daniel medvedev emphasized than he managed to relatively quickly cope with the opponent, while maintaining stability and separation in the account. In the second round match, the best tennis player of russia will meet with christopher about’conneal, who was overwhelmed by lasla jere. Speaking about the next rival, medvedev noted that’connel can show excellent tennis, as alady did it in the match against andrei rublev.

US Open

Rublev, in turn, in the fist round defeated the frenchman zheri sharti with a score of 6: 4, 6: 4, 6: 3. The duel lasted 2 hours and 9 minutes for which shardi managed to bypass rublev in the number of aks (21 versus 11), while making mistakes – 11/3. In the second round, the second racket of russia will play willyd of daniel – barrer.

Shardi - RUBLEV

It was more difficult to match karen khacanova: the russian played the five-hundredth match with the spaniard yanner sinner. Khachanov managed to recoup from 0: 2 and finish the meeting with the final result of 3: 6: 0, 7: 6. Thus, the third racket of russia won on seven gamers more, ensuring a place in the second round. The next match in the framework of the us open championship hachanov will spend against the compatriot andrei kuznetsov.

Sinner - Khachanov

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