Us States Do Not Hurry To Legalize Sports Betting

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January 30, 2023
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Since the supreme court in may of this year canceled paspa, many states activy work on the creation of legislation regulating the rate of sports. However, there are those that do not hurry to legalize bettinties because of some difficulties.

US States Do Not Hurry To Legalize Sports Betting
Content: 1. Missouri2. Kansas3. Michigan4. Other states

In some states, such as western virginia, there are aready their own legislation. Others, such as missouri, discussed this issue, but did not start work until the supreme court made a final decision. Now that the ban on sports rates is removed, many states required time to clarify some details before making relevant laws.


Last year, a member of the house of missouri ding balcher lobbied the legislation on sports rates, but he lacked «impulse» for moving forward. According to the badger, since the supreme court decided to cancel paspa, sevel relevant bills were developed atne. Senator joskins, who also supports the introduction of legislation on sports rates, believees that the industry can bring from $ 18 million to $ 40 million.


Kansas – another state considering the ability to launch the industrial batch. Selected governor-democrat laura kelly expressed her support for this initiative. Special committee on legislation in the field of sports rates is already working. Chairman of the committee of the calls on the authorities of kansas to analyze the possible difficulties and problems to take an informed decision. Key questions – this is the amount of tax rates, fraud prevention methods and others.


Member of the house of representatives of michigan brandt eden, elected for a third term, has long been supported by the expansion of the gambling segment, including the legalization of sports rates. Currently, he insists that the operators pay the tax of the leagues, the rate is made on whose events. None of other states that have already legalized sports betting does not include these fees. But this is just one of many problems that need to be solved before any law on the legalization of sports bets can be adopted.

Other states

Missouri, kansas and michigan – only some states that are interested in legalizing sports rates. Colorado, indiana, california, south dakota and others also consider this perspective. And considering that it is extremely profitable, the creation of a legal basis for the legalization of betting in other states is only a matter of time.

Recall: sg digital general director matt davy is confident that the potential of the betting industry of some states will exced all expections.

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