Usa Championship For Figure Skating: Results Of Men In The Tournament 2020

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May 4, 2022
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The national figure skating championship approached the end. Neanan chen became the best among the lonely men. Read more in our material.

USA championship for figure skating: results of men in the tournament 2020

Us championship ended with the victory of neutana chen

The fourth year in a row nathan chen leaves no chance of his rivals during the national championship. Taking into account his success in the international arena – two victories in the world championships in a row, three in the final of the grand prix – you can say with confidence that chen – best figure skater single right now. A worthy competitor and incentive for the growth of yudzuru khani.

By the way, chen is now more successful japanese for personal meetings. He won him in the grand prix finals and last world cup. Neanan could be better not even competing directly. The fact is that, unlike the american colleague, chani could not win the home championship. Fully failing an arbitrary program, yudzuru missed the shout of uno. You can read this in our special material.

The main competitors of chen on the inner arena were jason brown and tomoki hivatasi. The first one confidently rolled out both programs, but every time it’s still worse than netan. Final result – 292.88 ball. The second one has made a number of errors while performing a short program and occupied the intermediate fifth. But confident (as for this figure) arbitrary allowed to get «bronze» from 278.08 in total.

Himself was habitually confident and did not allow mistakes. As a result – honored first place with 330.17 points in the asset. From the nearest pursuer it was separated by incredible 37 points. You can confidently state tat in the domestic championship of competition of speech does not go, neutan real monopolist in the world of american figure skating.

Total table


We advise you to read our material in which the neutana chen coach criticizes the current age policy of isu.

Earlier, we we wrote that head of the german federation of figure skating criticized trio tutberidze and their victory.

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