Uzbek Society Is Outraged By Online Gembling

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August 3, 2022
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Uzbekistan at the moment gambling is prohibited. However, there are a large number of shadow institutions that create a problem in society. So, recently, the uzbek social networks stood up voluntary departure from the life of an eighteen-year-old young man, connected, by assumptions, with debts due to gambling. More about network literacy issues, for example, how to replenish kiwi wallet with money, read on the pages of our site.

Uzbek society is outraged by online gembling

Illegal gambling have become a serious problem for uzbeks – more and more young people are dependent on the game, that is, suffer from ludomania. Not sensible people carry out a campaign «we are against online gambling», which should be a prevention as players and the rest of the country’s inhabitants of the uncontrolled game. More and more stories about debt jamas pop up in society, although such stories are often silent. According to the psychologist, one of the founders of the campaign, the dependence on gambling is akin to alcoholism. Reports about it «ozodlik».

Recall that recently there is more and more about the legalization of the gambling industry in uzbekistan. In the meantime, the law provides for administrative responsibility for organizing gambling business. Nevertheless, the ministry of internal affairs does not have a special department for combating hembaling-criminals, these are engaged in the departments of the threat, the investigative and prevention of crimes. Online gambling issues also know the state unitary enterprise – cybersecurity center.

Recently, the kazakhstan finmonitoring found in his own staff of unscrupulous employees who covered gembling.

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