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May 6, 2022
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Present sro «association of bookmaker office» darina denisova commented on the statement of adviser to the president of uzbekistan about the need to legalize betting in the country and told whether this market would be interesting to the bookmakers of russia.

Uzbekistan is interested in Russian bookmakers - Darina Denisova

Recently, the adviser to the president of the current ban of bookmakers in the country does not bring results, since illlegal operators still function on its territory.

According to denisova, the gambling business in uzbekistan, with a clear control and regulation by the state, it is capable of becoming a very serious source of tax deductions. Licensed bookmaker, responsible and working according to the state authorities, – dense in all civilized secular states, – clarified the head of sro.

At the same time, the head of the association expressed the opinion that this jurisdiction in the case of legalization would be interesting to the russian bc.

«Uzbekistan – one of the most prosperous countries in the region in all economic indicators. The volume of the local bookmaker can be very impressive, – clarified the head of sro. – the most important thing – understand how quickly the voiced concept will be implemented by local authorities in practice. Naturally, the russian bc will want to enter the uzbek market exclusively with a clear and loyal to business regulatory law, which, as i understand it, have yet to write», – summed up denisov.

In addition, the head of the sro bookmakers highlighted the benefit of sports that the legal bookmaker can have.

The Head of the sro Bookmakers Allocated Good Benefits

«In the future, legalized bookmakers in uzbekistan will be able to become a huge help for the development of local children and youth sports. Mandatory deductions from future local licensed operators will unambiguously help this. The benefit that the legalization of the bookmaker is worth a separate point in the country until 2030, which in the country last year signed president of uzbekistan shavkat mirziyev».

By the way, bc 1xbet has concluded an partnership agreement with the euro sports organization natus vincere.

Recall, according to the proposed decree from the ministry of finance of the russian federation, the bookmakers will have to transmit data on their customers to the fns.

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