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June 23, 2022
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Veikkaus: 7% of the Players Bring 50% Revenue

State finnish gambling operator veikkaus said that about 7% of the players brought 50% of income this year.

Thanks to the new mandatory audit of the individual, it turned out that half of the company’s income comes from 119.000 players from 1.7 million people who played the game veikkaus during the year.

The figure is a more balanced spread than for the market as a whole, since only 2.5% of the players generated 50% of the income from online games, taking into account non-license offshore operations.

Veikkaus introduced mandatory identification in january and distributed it to all time intervals in july. The company also establishes a loss limit tool to its slots .

He plans to ensure that 100% of revenues come from registered players by the end of the year, while all products will require personal audits by the end of 2023.

Lauri halkol, director of data and analytics, said:

"This information gives us a positive signal that the direction of our responsibilities is correct. Reading is based on data on identified gambling and covers most of the euro played on veikkaus, including slot machines.
We have taken and we will take measures for the advance prevention of problems with gambling business. Our goal is to significantly reduce the share of problems related to gambling, with the help of our solutions. ".

Last month, veikkaus reported that about 800 customer accounts were suspected suspicious entry into the system as a result of mass hacking. Meanwhile, the company began negotiations on the reduction of state with 830 employees.

Source: focus gaming news

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