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February 25, 2022
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Yggdrasil Will Be a Retailer Veikkaus Supplier

Yggdrasil solutions developer signed a license agreement with the finnish game operator veikkaus for the delivery of game ip for the retail segment.

Veikkaus – finnish state operator with gross profit in 1691 million euros in 2019. In collaboration with veikkaus, yggdrasil rechaces and provide game slots for veikkaus’s retail outlets in finland, through the veikkaus video lottery terminals (vlt). Yggdrasil already supplies veikkaus content slots for the online site.

It expected that the first retail games yggdrasil will be launched in finland will be launched in their retail network in the middle of 2021 in full accordance with finnish regulatory requiements. Pre-confirmation already received.

Bjorn crane, head of the yggdrasil operations department on global market, said:

"We are pleased to expand the provision of gaming content for veikkaus in their retail environment. The expansion of the partnership in retail trade perfectly fits into our own strategy and the omannality strategy of veikkaus, where we can effectively scale business transactions, increasing the overall value of players and acquaint with content.

Veikkaus conducted a thorough selection, and i am very proud that teams participating in this process achieved success. We really hope for long and mutually beneficial retail relass with veikkaus ".

Jan chaghelberg, vice president of casino games, veikkaus, said:

"Veikkaus, being a famous operator that provides a player protection system and a full portfolio of casino, rates and lottery games on all channels, is also a technological company with a fully integrated in-friendly game platform and a set of products with an integrated colonical solution.

Until now, the retail sale of vlt was devuted to only our inner content, but now we are ready to place a technical conveyor that will allow reliable online partners and third-party studios to supply their games to our retairers.

We chose yggdrasil as our first piloting partner due to their innovative content, proven technical capabilities and ability to quickly output team. We are pleased to expand our close partnerships from the network to retail. ".

Source: official site yggdrasil

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