Veikkaus Has Denied The Information About The Turnover Of € 11 Billion

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April 14, 2022
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The finnish igor monopoly veikkaus has denied the information distributed by local media, that players spend before €11 billion on slot machines. The company claims that published data do not give the true idea of ​​actual sales in the industry.

Veikkaus has denied the information about the turnover of € 11 billion

Information about the fact that finnish players spend order €11 billion on the slots caused a flurry of the negative to the operator. Therefore, representatives were forced to make a statement.

Veikkaus notes that the calculation of the company’s data on sales is based on information about the actual losses of customers or gross margin. Thus, the turnover in the segment for 2018 amounted to €840.3 million.

Financial director of veikkaus regina sippel explained that such a colossal difference in these companies and journalists is explained by the fact that the latter included in turnover won by players.

To clarify the situation, the representative led an example – player can make a machine €10, win €200, and then spend the lot, not doing it. Thus, veikkaus believes that the player has lost only the originally made – €10, not €210. Other approach to counting the turnover of sippel considers incorrect, as it forms an incorrect picture of the actual loss.

The scandal in the media is completely inappropriate for the finnish monopoly, especially given how sybko is the future of sole dominance in the market. According to the survey, most finns advocate the abolition of the company’s monopoly.

According to the published data, in the first half of the year income and profit of the enterprise decreased. The reason for this was the tightening of the rules of work in the market.

Recall that the finnish gambling monopoly stopped broadcasting advertising its products.

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