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April 11, 2022
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Veikkaus presented their own customers their own ethical principles for the the use of artificial intelligence in the company. In connection with the nature of veikkaus’s activity, it processes a large amount of information and uses the data obtained, especially for the development of a responsible attitude to customers and to fulfill the obligations established by law, such as preventing money laundering.

Thus, the protection of customer information and respect for their confidentiality remain very important.

As the amount official intelligence in veikkaus its growing and accelecting its use. Using artificial intelligence can improve customer service. However, the company assures that the principles of ethical and reliability adheres.

In confirmation of his words veikkaus presented the principles of ethiation.

Transparency. The company openly and clearly reports how to use artificial intelligence, identifying and updating the goals if necessary, for example, as data, legislation and operating environment develops.

Confidentiality. The company advocates for protecting the confidentiality of information used by artificial intelligence, as well as safe storage and processing throughout the life cycle of information.

Responsibility.Veikkaus assured that thes use responses. For each application of artificial intelligence or machine learning model, a responsible personal owner is appointed, which ensures the compliance of algorithms to these principles.

Customer orientation. The statement says:

"First of all, our goal is to use artificial intelligence to improve the quality of customer service and give the opportunity to play responsibly. We strive to provide a responsible gaming environment, identifying the abnormal behavior of customers and reacting.

We do not use artificial intelligence for cross-sales.

We do not use clients’ game data in such a way that it can somehow change the game itself – for examples, its mathematical calculations and probabilities. Personal information is also not used to determine the winning game.

The company uses ai and machine learning models of artificial intelligence, performing tasks: automatic selection of the content of online services and veikkaus applications; generation of recommendations to the audience and the choice of advertising or placement location to show the buyer; calculation of rates coefficients to calculate the probabilities of outcome of rates; detection of possible abuse.

Also, artificial intelligence is used, for example: for a customer service robot (chat bot); to determine the client segment of the client; find out the time of the start of long flights; conduting pep-audits of corporate security (pep = politically significant person); for automatic notification of money laundering; for automatic processing of repeating accounts.

Ethical principles of artificial intelligence veikkaus are used in the framework of the lottery law and other applicable legislation. The updated lottery law will provide veikkaus the right to handle data on games and players in order to track behavior in gambling and taking measures related to harmful gambling.

Source: veikkaus official website

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