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August 4, 2022
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Some veikkaus slot machines will require the identification of the player in october. In january 2021, a special control device for mandatory identification will be installed in all slot machines. After that, all the slot machines of the veikkaus agency network, for example, in stores, at public transport stations and in restaurants, will require a player identification.

To play on machines with installed equipment, the player must be identified by a machine with a veikkaus card, a mobile application or a bank card associated with the veikkaus client base. During the rest of the year, changes will be made in hundreds of slot machines in different parts of finland.

The requirement of authentication with slot machines will allow to introduce new game management tools. Among other things, the player can ban himself to play on the gaming machines of the agency network, setting a fixed or indefinite period. In addition, from june 2021, the same game limits as for games on the internet will be applied for slot machines. Mandatory identification also facilitates control of the age of players in retail outlets and creates opportunities to prevent criminal activities related to money laundering.

In june, the leadership of veikkaus decided to reduce the number of slot machines. In total be removed during the year, so in december in the agent network there will be a maximum. Until now, this year about 4500 vending machines were reduced.

New slot machines can only be played after registration.

All the games of veikkaus automata during the remainder, you can only play after registration. By the end of the year it is planned to release three new slot machines: kultatassu, lampunhenki and viidakkovuori.

"We hope that before it becomes obligatory, as many players as possible will be determined. Currently, identification requires only about ten percent of slot machines. Offering new games only registered players, we strive to improve the level of authentication before january. – says yari heino, director of channels and sales of veikkaus.

In the case of decentralized slot machines, mandatory identification will take effect by the end of january 2021. The purpose of veikkaus is to introduce mandatory identification in the early stages of the game in the game establishments of veikkaus by the end of june 2021. Achieving this goal will require amending either the lottery law or the rules.

Source: veikkaus official website.

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