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April 8, 2022
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VERMANTIA BECAME A Partner With Caspian Tech

Vermantia, developer developer for omnalinal content, expands partnerships through the topaz operator licensed in azerbaijan and encloses partnership agreement with caspian tech.

The transaction provides for the provision of caspian tech premium content for the rates on the master of the ultimate channel by integrating with the vermantia connect platform. On behalf of caspian tech, vermantia will create and will manage the registered satellite channel through its 500 stores under the topaaz brand.

Personalized canal dog runs in light air ofers a busy daily schedule of international events live with fully accredited british and australian tracks and is supported by connect, which provides fully managed data maintenance and coefficients.

Spiros stavropoulos, commercial director vermantia, said:

"Caspian tech presents a very important partner for us, and i would like to see how we expand our cooperation together. Now topaz clients can enjoy high-quality content about running live with high-definition images, a powerful betting system and a full data transfer service.

Connect has already changed the rules of the game in other markets, combining the highest quality image with a really low delay in a cost-effective solution that allows the operator to choose exactly the content that they need.

Mustafa oternal, depeuty technical director of caspian tech, added:

"Partnership wort vermantia is responsible for our search for a reliable partner with international distribution experience of content and our goal to offer customers dynamic and exciting betting products.

We are glad to launch an updated service, wilh, as we believe, will immediately become a hit and, no doubt, will expand our retail offers by exciting opportunities for rates.

Source: vermantia official website

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