Veronica Zilina For Three Days Recovered Quad: Plushenko Did What It Did Not Work With The Cross

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July 28, 2022
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A student evgenia plushenko veronica zilina again showed something interesting in training. The figure skater jumped a long-mastered fourth tulup, but surprised the deadlines for which he restored him after the vacation. Fresh sports news already in our article.

Veronica Zilina for three days recovered quad: Plushenko did what it did not work with the Cross

Source photo: daria isaev / «se», itar-tass

The figure skater veronika zilina continues to be mad at ice, but its actions can harm health

Young veronica zilina – one of the most talented single-sided generation of figure skaters of russia, but, unfortunately, is also one of the most unstable. It is inherent in the incredible flexibility, technique, a sense of music and a lot of other, but it can only show all this without any problems in training. Last season she had no achievement above the second place of the internal russian competitions, and the russian cup final and the national championship ended for veronica literally disasters. She took the eighth and 12th place, respectively, by giving way not only to rivals from «crystal».

As a result, the hilina-senior flies past the foundation of the junior team of russia and even reserve. Of course, it can be called at any time to check the checks and to reach, but whether veronica will be able to get rid of instability in the new season? The failures of the figure skater in the 2020/2021 season are associated with psychology, but so far her mother, nor the head coach of veronica housing evgeny plushenko, could not figure out how to deal with it.

According to evgeny plushenko, the season of niki zhilina was similar to the american slides because of her problems with his back. First, experts made the wrong conclusions, as a result of which incorrect treatment was appointed. The girl had to postpone a lot of trips to doctors to restore their health, which, by the way, she did by mid-may 2021. Specialist stated that veronica immediately began to highlights and almost a triple axel returned to.

Veronika immediately began to take great loads and almost immediately returned triple axel

Source: instagram.Com / angelsofplushenko

Plushenko will periodically post the evidence of its words: the hilina will easily jump four tricks in 30 seconds, she will fulfill the most complex cascades with quadruple and triple jumps and so on. On the eve of b «instagram» the academy has a new video with veronica: this time, her new achievement was the return of a quadruple tuluup in just three days of training after vacation.

Zilina easily jump four tricks in 30 seconds

Source: instagram.Com / angelsofplushenko

Interestingly, the fact that with alena korsna yevgeny plushenko, a whole year could not return her only ultra-si. With veronica turned out much easier.

And if we consider that usually figure skaters are for longer in search for such a long stay (three weeks), the results of veronica cannot but admire. On the other hand, early start is alarming. Everything is simple: the sooner you start jumping high and fast jumping after idleness, the greater the probability of falling. Accordingly, the body may also not have time to gain the necessary condition for painless performance of complex elements.

It remains only to hope that veronica’s coaches take into account all risks and thoroughly know the physical capabilities of the girl. The organism of the young figure skater is growing, so she needs to pay special attention.

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