Veronica Zilina: The Ice Age Ended When Eteri Tutberidze Found The Key To Victories

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April 15, 2022
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Yesterday the internet stirped a video on which veronika zilina’s figure skater from the group eteri tutberidze sang a four-first jump in training. And this news could pass unnoticed if it were not for the age of athletes and the fact that this is the second four in her arsenal.


Ice age: veronica zilina declared himself on the show, but soon she will also declare at competitions

For people who follow figure skating not only in the context of the sports season, and including a television show, the name of veronika housing will not be discovered. The girl spoke this year on a popular project «ice age: children», and her mentor there was ilya averbukh. The athlete itself moved to moscow only recently, last year. Before tat she was engaged in arkhangelsk and the region.

We advise you to read our material about maxim belyavsky, the participant of the same show. The guy loudly declared itself by publishing a video with a jump in five revolutions. True, so far only with support.

However, despite the young age, the figure skater is already ready to hit everyone with his jumps. She is only 11 years old, but hitting «factory for the production of champions them. E. Tutbereridze» already led to the girl jumping four jumps. At the beginning, about a week ago, veronica jumped the four salkhov in training without a fishing rod. This is an unprecedented achievement.

Buttiveryberidze channel there was a new entry in instagram. Veronica zhilina, this time managed to successfully fulfill the quarter tulup.

Of course, at the moment it is jumping in training, and not at competitions, where the excitement always intervenes. This is also a record, not a direct ether, and therafore it is not known how much unsuccessful doubles was until a good jump. But, on the other hand, the age of veronica is just 11 years old. And if there is no serious injury, it will become another proof of the success of the system eter tutberidze, whose pupils are now conquering everything «gold» competitions wherever they appear.

About the success of the tail and shcherbakova and the plans of their coach – in a separate article.

And if now about camile valieva, who won both stages on the junior grand prix, and now expects the final, they say as the future olympic champion, then the star of veroniki will probably be lit and the star for two years. Apparently, etee georgievna knows the secret, how to bring up champions.

Previously, we wrote that medvedev wants to fulfill a quadruple.

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