Video Son Ovechkin With A Stick Scored Hundreds Of Thouusands Views

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June 8, 2022
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Attack «washington capitals» alexander ovechkin can be calm. While he is beating in the playoffs nhl, his son is preparing at home in the footteps of the father.

Video Son Ovechkin With A Stick Scored Hundreds Of Thouusands Views

At the footteps of the father: ovechkin and shubskaya son conquered network users

Although alexander ovechkin declares in an interview that he does not want to influence the choice of his sons in the future and will give them freedom to determine the case and work, you can not doubt that he is nice when children are interested in hockey. As for the very «ovi» hockey – this is a lifetime in which he reached unprecedented heights. Now «alexander the great» returned to his beloved sport after monhs of idle due to quarantine. The set of form passes unevenly, which, in principle, should be expected after training exclusive in the home hall. But paint «ovi» already managed. We were talking about one of these benefits in a separate material.

Now alexander has two sons – sergey and ilya. Senior was born a little less than two years ago, just a year of the victory of ovechkin in the stanley cup. The younger pleased with his appearance of hockey player recently, in may of this year. And if ilya is still completely small for sports, then sergey is already pleased with his father with his first successes. Wife «ovi» anastasia shubskaya published a video on his page in instagram, where the young hockey player cleverly and quickly throws the small key of the washer in the gate. The post is accompanied by a signature: «my little champion».

This, of course, is not the first video. At the end of june, alexander ovechkin himself on his page has already published a similar video. But then in the hands of sergey there was a full-fledged father’s stick, obviously not on the gabarites of the baby. However, according to the result, he still succeed.

If you compare the first and second video, then you can note the improvement in the speed and coordination of the boy. It can be seen that the child is happy to send the washers in the gate. It is not surprising, because he almost from birth is watching his father’s passion. In a separate material, we told about the first visit to the ovechkin junior training base of their dad.

Lee sergey alexandrovich will go in the footsteps of his star father? Write your assumptions in the comments.

Earlier we talked about the estimated composition of the russian national hockey team on the upcoming winter olympic games in beijing.

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