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January 31, 2023
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On thursday, the final tour of the europa league group stage will be held «villarreal» and «spartak». Moscow club takes the last line, but in case of victory will be released in the playoff.

Content: 1. Match «villarreal» – «spartacus» will be held deceptumber 132. Hopelessness «villarreala»3. Kononov changes «spartacus»4. «Villarreal» – «spartacus»: forecast of bookmakers on the match le4.One. Bwin coefficients.Ru4.2. Bc coefficients «league rates»
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Match «villarreal» – «spartacus» will be held deceptumber 13

Soccer game «villarreal» – «spartacus» will be held on thursday, december 13, at the stadium «estadio de la seramics» capacity 25 thousand fans. Last meeting between the teams ended with an effective draw 3: 3: 3, the defeat on the 6th added minute, implementing a penalty.

See match «villarreal» – «spartacus» you can on the tv channel «match prime». The start of the broadcast is scheduled at 20:55 moscow time.

Hopelessness «villarreala»

This season can not be called successful for «yellow submarines». In the domestic championship, the team takes only the 17th place, and in the current draw of the europa league won only once, however, it still did not lose. But the main shock for her was the decision of the leadership of the coach after the defeat from «olga» on the eve of the decisive meeting with «spartak». At the time of the dismissal of javier calhekhi fc, under his leadership, won only two matches of five in all tournaments.

Save «submarine» the 46-year-old luis garcia was called. For fans of la league, a specialist is known as a former mentor «hetafe» and «levante». Whether the leadership will help shake the club and get the most important victory, which will depend on the release in the playoffs, fans will be able to find out through on thursday.

Kononov changes «spartacus»

The moscow club will also come to a response meeting with the spaniards under the leadership of another coach. On thursday there will be a monh as oleg kononov headed «spartacus». During this time, the drawing of the team has undergone significant changes. Experts note that now «red-white» prefer to control the ball and play through short and medium programs. Oleg kononov tried to establish a microclimate in the team, returned veterans to the composition and establishes communication with fans.

Now «spartacus» ranked fourth in rfpl, having got three victories after the arrival of the coach in three championship matches. At the time of the coming contest «people’s team» takes the last place, noticeably complicating the position of the loss «rapida» on his field. However, the victory of nad «submarine» with any outcome of the parallel meeting, will provide an output to the next step.

Kononov Changes'Spartak'

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«Villarreal» – «spartacus»: forecast bookmakers on the match le

Bookmakers in the upcoming match «villarreala» so «spartak» predict the victory of the owners of the field. «Yellow submarine», despite not the best form this season, in the europa league has not yet knew the bitterness of defeat. At the same time, the arrival of the new coach must shake. However, «spartacus» kononov with each match acquires all the great confidence and will be as motivated as much as possible to win in spain.

Bwin coefficients.Ru

  • «Villarreal» – one.53;
  • «Spartacus» – five.75;
  • Draw – 4,2.

Bc coefficients «league rates»

  • «Villarreal» – one.55;
  • «Spartacus» – 6.0;
  • Draw – 4.25.

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