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May 2, 2022
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Vingroup Launches Entertainment Complex with Casino in Vietnam

Vietnamese property giant vingroup officially launched its long-awaited new resort worth 2.8 billion us dollars on fukuok.

The joint center for fukuoka, located in the north of the island and described as "super tourist resort and entertainment complex", opened on april 21 on the square of more than 1000 hotel rooms of a number of 5-star hotel brands.

At the price of 66 trillion vietnamese dongs (2.85 billion us dollars), it includes the largest theme park of vietnam vinwonders phu quoc, as well as animal conservation park, 18 hole golf course, shopping and entertainment center, mice objects, multimedia shows, 24 hours a day. Hour street markets and hospital.

The complex also includes corona resort & casino, opened in january 2019 by phú quốc tourism development and investment company and still the only casino in vietnam, in which local residents are allowed to play.

"Thanks to a diverse ecosystem, providing high quality of life, in addition to the large-scale world-class entertainment industry, phu quoc united center will be not just an entertaining complex, but also the best resort, business and luxurious product in vietnam , "- vingroup is referred to in a recent statement.

"The model of the" sleepless city "of the joint center of fukuoka not only lays the foundation for the economic development of vietnam in the dark, but also marks the step forward, turning vietnam to a new international direction on the world tourist map".

The launch of the new resort of vingroup on fukuchok occurs shortly after one of its subsidiars, vinpearl co, engaged in recreation and hospitality, announced a proposal to build a new complensive resort worth 2.2 billion us dollars, including a casino on hon tre in province khanhoa. In case of approval, the development will also offer a 5-star at 1200 rooms, a conference center and a transport system, as well as the training of more 5-star and 6-star hotels.

Source: inside asia gaming

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