Virus And Excitement. How Did The Pandemic Affect The Lottery Business In Russia

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July 28, 2022
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With the advent of pandemic covid-19 all gambling disciplines in the russian federation have been tested – people began to play less. 2020 passed under the sign of the fight against coronavirus, and even avid players were not to gembling. Now the gambling industry is restored. About how a lottery business fights coronavirus and fraudsters, published deputy director for sustainable development s8 capital ekaterina treon, representative «stoloto». More about russian popular lotteries, read in the appropriate section.

Virus and excitement. How did the pandemic affect the lottery business in Russia

Most of all lottery business suffered during the first wave of covid-19, writes gazeta.Ru. According to the expert, then the russians refused the lottery due to uncertainty – for the population it was more important to buy products, pay taxes – entertainment moved to the background. But the main problem for the lottery was the question of the translation of the audience in online. Many game fans simply did not want to play without physical tickets that were not available due to the closed points of sale. As a result, for the first wave of a pandemic «stoloto» were able to translate online only 1% of players. After that it became clear that it is necessary to expand the possibilities of contactless transmission of the physical ticket – by mail, delivery and t.D.

Gradually, players returned to the lottery – the population has increased levels of comfort and confidence in tomorrow. Tickets began to actively sell both online and offline. Accordingly, the lottery deductions into the budget of the russian federation increased – the amount of annual deductions in 2020 amounted to almost 30 billion rubles against 23 billion in 2019.

According to the expert, almost every third resident of russia participates in the state lotteries, the most yary players are residents of tatarstan, bashkortostan and krasnodar. According to statistics, men often win, but women get larger winnings. But this curious statistics does not talk about some patterns – the principles of lottery are built on probability, and everyone has the chances to win: from the teacher to a businessman, from a young man to the elderly. On average, about 14 million winning tickets work in the month. More about the modern lottery business read on our website.

During a pandemic, lottery organizations felt that they would not compete with gambling establishments (according to the legislation, the lottery is not a gambling game), but with entertainment resources – cinema, stregnation services, games. According to a specialist, the lottery player perceives it primarily as entertainment, and not a way of earning, which is more likely an additional incentive.

Recently, the cases of digital fraud – often violators are masked by the official sites of state lotteries. But the fight against such dishonest business is constantly conducted – since the beginning of 2019, it was possible to reveal and block more than 8,500 such resources. Among them and groups on social networks, fake accounts, twin pages, duplicate official sources. Nevertheless, the expert encourages players to be vigilant and not to be kept on sweet promises, not to translate money in response to suspicious suggestions.

From other news of the world of gembling in the russian federation – casino primorye spoke about the results «quarantine» 2020.

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