Visa Will Develop Blockchain Technology In India

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March 14, 2022
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Visa decided to create blockchain tools in blader, writes the economic times. Last year, in this city, the center for the development of innovative technologies was opened. Mobile payments were launched to his opening in india – mvisa.

Visa Will Develop Blockchain Technology in India

The country is characterized by a rapidly growing economy, and most of the population is not covered by banking services. At the same time, the state receives a significant cash inflow in foreign currency. All these factors determined the beginning of research in the field of blockchain technologies.

Visa began searching for housing for the team technology center. Developers will deal with projects in the field of cash circulation digitization. Center in bladik will receive more than thhan 1000 employees.

Now the company is conduced by the country’s ecosystem studies to launch fintech ideas that can be displayed now the existing banking system to a new level.

Previously, it became known that microsoft japan and consensys joined the japanese-block-consortium.

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