Vladimir Klitschko 2019: Ukrainian Decided To Return To The Box Due To An Unusual Goal

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April 15, 2022
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Ukrainian boxer vladimir klitschko, who entered the history of this sport the lastingness of his championship, spoke about the new output to the ring. Since the compltion of career klitschko bombard questions about his return, and this time the fans have a reason for joy.

Vladimir Klitschko 2019: Ukrainian Decided to return to the box Due to An Unusual Goal

Vladimir klitschko is now in great shape and ready to return

Fight anthony joshua – vladimir klitschko became the last in the career of the ukrainian, and most of the witnesses of this event were confident that the revenge will take place. But the ukrainian himself, commenting on the event, said that he had taught him a lot, and now there is no special motivation to extract this victory.

After a couple of years, rumors began to spread about the possible return of klitschko, the main confirmation of which was a multi-million dollar contract with dazn. The platform offered vladimir to spend three fights for which he would receive $ 120 million. We told about these rumors in our separate article in more detail in our separate article.

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Publication from wladimir klitschko (@klitschko) 9 aug 2019 at 5:48 pdt

To date, klitschko junior is passionate about the business, and rumors about his return to professional ring have lowered. But, apparently, not for long. The other day, the ukrainian athlete said that he believed the championship of george forman in 45 years of an unusual achievement.

The american is considered the most age winner of the championship, and this record holds for 25 years. 43-year-old vladimir declared a desire to return in a few years to the ring to beat this record.

In a separate article, we told about the idea to organize the battle between vladimir nickcom and his restless opponent by shannon briggs.

However, it is worth noting that klitschko did not guarantee his return, but only reported that this is quite possible, since the sole purpose of the boxer is the record of age championship.

Earlier, we wö wrote about the press conference of the mcgregor, which took place on october 24.

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