Vladimir Zelensky Stands For Digitalization And “Blockchas” Of Ukraine

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February 14, 2022
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Presential candidate vladimir zelensky believees that in the future the country should become «electronic». Politician actively advocates that blockchain technology has been implemented in various spheres of state.

Vladimir Zelensky Stands for Digitalization and'blockchas' of Ukraine

The election program of zelensky contains a section «electronic country», in which it is reported that each inhabitant of ukraine should have smooth access to the rapid internet. According to politics, it will help the development of digital literacy of all members of society, regardless of age. All official documents will be posted in general access on the government site, – reports zelensky. In addition, he plans to automate any public processes. In his opinion, it will help to avoid bureaucracy and bribery.

Zelensky also believees that the is the key to solving the problem of theft of ideas and software in ukraine. He is confident that in this case the data will be securely protected, they will not be able to be fabricated and will not go anywhere from the system. However, according to him, it is first necessary to conduct an electronic population census.

Earlier, vladimir zelensky spoke out regarding gambling business in ukraine and offered his method for solving the problem of existence in the state of the shadow market.

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