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March 28, 2022
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W2 launched a new solution for checking real-time availability to meet the needs of operators who adapt to the developing recommendations of the uk gambling commission (ukgc).

The ukgc leadership requires that licensees make accessibility to the chapter of their gambling security obligations for 2021, and, undoubtedly, it will become a central element of the review of the law on gambling, especially given a large number of fines caused by the disadvantages of accessibility.

Availability w2 solution gives operators an idea that the consumer earns on an individual level, in real time, but, most importantly, without the need for additional interaction with the claent.

Using authorized and comply with the requirements of banking channels that can be used to protect customers, the decision may cover a period of up to 24 monhs for both joint and sole accounts and may also include sevel addresses. According to the company, this scale data gives real information at the level of individual customers.

Peter murray, head of the sales department w2, commented:

"If you look at any statements of regulatory bodies in the uk and for the upcoming revision of the law of great britain about gambling, then in the center of everything that they do is accessility.

For us in w2, this is a challenge to offer, and we believe that of the regulatory body and for the tasks faced by operators, and for the tasks faced by operators, and for consumers who want to be protected. ".

Murray stressed be used by operators only to provide a responsible game, and not as a means of obtaining information to influence marketing for players.

Kevin fox, senior product manager w2, added:

"The decision is divided into two main parts. The first level offers an accessibility index that uses data to obtain results for account activities, including income levels and account turnover, and compares them with response based on points.

Level two offers a deeper understanding that allows the operator to collect and check the claimed client’s income. These two components are a huge step in the right direction to a safer game. ".

Will also work with its strategic partner, crucial compliance, based in gibraltar, on the release of accessibility solution. Together, two companies believe that this may have a positive impact on the industry, significantly reducing the problems associated with the proponsible game and the protection of the players.

Andy masters, chief operational director of crucial compliance, commented:

"We are very pleased to formally release this affordable solution. Since the parnership we combined our resources to bring the solution to the market, which not only fragile and ensures the availability of real-time data, but also embedded in our players management solution. We worked a lot to easure that the operators are easier to meet the needs of regulators now and in the future. ".

Source: w2 solutions website

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