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January 26, 2022
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Online casino attract customers with bonuses, offering additional money for deposit or freebies. It sounds tempting, but few do not pay attention to additional conditions, namely, the requirements for playing, or a wager. In order not to get into the trap, it is worth carefully figuring what it is.

What is a wider in the casino

This is the minimum number of rates that the player must make the win. During the initiation of the Internet Casino, enterprising players brought not one thousand dollars due to the soft conditions for using bonus funds. Often the restrictions are established to eliminate the likelihood of losses and keep the client.

Vager Casino is indicated in the form of a coefficient: 30x, 60x or x30, x60. This indicator multiplied by the bonus size allows you to find out the amount that the player is obliged to use for rates before cash.

For example, a welcome bonus in the amount of 100% for the first deposit implies that when enrolling the hembler to his account 1,000 rubles, he will receive the same on the bonus account. With a wager x30, the total number of bets from bonus funds should be at least 1,000 x 30 = 30 000 rubles. As soon as this threshold is exceeded, the player gets the right to unlamordly withdraw the winning of the casino.

Welcome bonus in online casino

The lower the wage coefficient, the better for the user. But this is not all that you need to pay attention. Sometimes conditions apply not only to bonus funds, but also on the main deposit. If the bonus is 100%, in fact, it increases the total amount of bets by twice.

What restrictions are valid

In addition to the established coefficient, other additional conditions for playing bonus money are used:

  • Limit in size rates. Many institutions prescribe a ban on the use of high rates. For example, in the Riobet casino, the maximum rate may not exceed 5% of the amount of promotion, in Playamo – 300 rubles.
  • Online Slots Restrictions. Wajer can be played on certain slot machines. The institution is a list of games, the launch of which does not go to the general offset.
  • Various deposits in wagery. The percentage of rates that will be counted while using bonus funds in different types of games. For example, slots usually have a 100% contribution from the placed on the con, and roulette, blackjack and poker depending on the policy of the institution only 5-50%.
  • Restrictions on time. The rules indicate, for how long it is necessary to unscrew the wager. Argo gives up to 14 days to wage, and ROX is only 72 hours.


Players see the amount of additional awards and do not pay attention to the terms of the shares. And in them, as a rule, it is said that when trying to withdraw funds before performing puberty, bonuses are annulled. More often in this trap newbies come.

What is a wager on a bonus

The more attractive the bonus offer looks, the more seriously the pubed conditions are. Requirements depend on the type of bonus:

  • Non-imposed, or welcome. Does not require replenishment of the account, it is issued for registration, but the conditions are the most stringent. Often Vager above x50, as well as other restrictions.
  • Starting for the first deposit receive newcomers. Casino charge up to 100% of the amount of replenishment on the bonus account. This money should be scrolled in automata 30-40 times.
  • Bonuses for the second, third and subsequent deposits suggest additional accruals in the amount of 25%, 50% or 100% of the amount that the player contributes to. Fireflow conditions can be softer than for the first deposit.
  • Reloud-shares Only permanent customers are available. They are accrued players weekly or monthly on the total amount of deposits or rates. Wajer rarely exceeds the X20 indicator, which is considered low.
  • VIP offers For hairollers are available to players that make large amounts and play in large. Clubs set average requirements for Vagher, but often limit the gembrellas with a small percentage of wagering on slots and other games.
  • Freebies As a premium proposal is also endowed by Wajer. Money won in such rotation needs to be played, and the coefficient can reach x50.
  • Cashbek acts on lost rates. Part of the funds can be returned to the player with a small Vager.

Types of bonuses

Wajer and winning winnings

The requirements of the casino are described in detail the requirements that must be performed for the successful output of the money won. Their knowledge will avoid unforeseen situations:

  • The output of the winnings is allowed only after fulfilling the requirements for a Weige.
  • Bonus money is always written off the latest. If there are 10 thousand rubles on account, of which 5 thousand are additional, their own funds will be performed.
  • Restrictions on rates and slots are mandatory, they must be remembered by choosing a slot machine.

Several tips for successful playing:

  • The optimal rate of the bet in the absence of restrictions is the average. Play at a minimum inexpedient.
  • It is better to choose bonuses with a wider, which is installed only on the funds issued, and not the entire amount with the deposit.
  • Preference should be given to special suggestions with a long validity period. If the bonus funds are played up to three days, it is worth thinking – you will not have time to unscrew, all winnings will be canceled.

Can I not win?

Using bonuses involves mandatory fulfillment of conditions. If a player does not understand what it means to play a wageder, it is better to give up from obtaining additional funds or freks to not face an unpleasant surprise. In this case, the Casino client will dispose of only its own money and can not think about wagering. However, there may be reservations.

The operator can provide a time frame for a promotion. For example, 24 or 48 hours. But only in the event that before that, bonus funds were not used in the rates. If the player wants to cancel the activated promotion, you need to make sure that the money accrued as a promotion is not written off during the launch of slot machines. Otherwise, the rejection of the bonus will learn to write off all won funds. Only the initial deposit will remain on the account.

Conditions of the welcoming bonus in the Argo Casino

In the conditions of promotional promotions it can also be spelled out that it is impossible to abandon a special offer.

The output of the winnings will be available only after the execution of the established requirements. And ordering the output of the winnings, without fulfilling the conditions on a vague, the player also risks losing all the funds won.

What casinos offer the best conditions

Having studied the proposals of popular brands, you can find a really profitable sentence.

Riobet one hundred% up to 500 dollars x35
Argo one hundred% up to 24 000 rubles x40
Bitstarz one hundred% x35
Frank one hundred% x40

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