Warcraft 3: Reforged Beta Test: Revealed Pluses And Cons Of The Game

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April 19, 2022
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Beta version of warcraft iii: reforged has become available to blizzcon 2019 visitors and pre-ordered november 6. Because of the zasili diametrically opposite opinions about reutster, we decided to assemble estimates of experts and presents positive and negative aspects of innovations.

Warcraft 3: reforged Beta Test: Revealed Pluses and Cons of the Game

The warcraft iii game again turned out to be the focus of the developer studio, as representatives of the company have repeatedly stated at the festival. It is even saying that blizzard has plans not only for the further development of the game, but also on its support as cybel-spurry discipline.

Warcraft iii: reforged beta: pros and cons

It is clearly positive seem to certitify developers about creating a singmaking for regions, adding matchmaking well as that a separate mmr will be provided for each race. Experts and fans also accounted for a statement and that edits from now on will be made to the quartere, and if they are considered, the opinion of users will be taken into account.

It is also assumed to have crosplan between warcraft iii: reforged and original version of the game.

It is worth noting that due to the full update of the graphics, the game may look unusual for old-timers, but in general it has become more modern and detailed. But the sound, judging by warcraft iii: reforged beta, remains original. The only thing which the studio is still experimenting, – dialogues and phrases characters.

Warcraft III: Reforged Beta: Pros and Cons

Source photo: playwarcraft3.Com

It is also known that warcraft iii: reforged beta available alternative variants of the image of heroes. The commander-in-chief of the troops will be different not only appearance, but also.

The main minus beta testing warcraft 3: reforged is it «dampness». Players even jokingly call her alpha, because at the moment there are many bugs and problems with optimization in the game.

Unhappy and quality of the main menu, as well as limited functionality: only three races and several cards can be used in the game. You can play in a pair or alone.

Another weak place of warcraft reforged beta test experts call the proportions of heroes and units. This problem was discovered due to the detail. Indition, fans believe that both developers succeed rather gloomily.

Recall that users demanded to increase the blizzcon trophy fund 2019.

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